DH keeps your company on track.
Partner in the area of product development, quality, efficiency and cost control.

Company benefits

DH believes in skills and simplicity. The benefit of DH’s involvement in the early stage of development of a collection is substantial; on the short and long-term.

Good patterns create an elegant and functional fit and thus the chance of marketing a commercial hit with the right price/performance. Fewer factory prototypes save time, money and man-hours, even head-count. Less costly and time-consuming alterations improve design flexibility and returns control over the hectic seasonal time-line to the brand owner. Corrections are best done before duplicated by the hundreds.

With the planning intact, quality sales samples and ample time to sell, managers can negotiate the correct order of styles and sizes with confidence and the creative director can take pride in his collection.

Product development benefits

Product development will benefit from improved insight, efficiency, flexibility, response time and quality. Fewer factory prototypes mean a reduction of turn-around time of 40-60% and drastically cut the travelling costs or eliminate the need for local agents.

The early involvement of DH in design, innovation and concept development leads to improved activity planning. Minor changes by DH can lengthen the product life-cycle of carry-overs. The use of the DH consultant for fit sessions, design reviews and collection planning encourages the organization to professionalize with efficiency.

Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands is aimed at young designers who want to start their own business. DH provides a full range of business services and advice to start-up companies in the fashion industry. The initiative has its roots in Dorthe Hansen’s compassion for the success of her students. Every year a limited number of founders of Emerging Brands are granted access to the resources and expertise of DH Patterns and Fit.

DH can assist start-up companies in many ways; from design coaching to production negotiations. It may be bridging the gap between design and production with digital patterns, finding alternatives for costly production details, giving insight in cost variables and the use of material, grading, or fit sessions.

At favorable conditions,Emerging Brands gives access to the same expertise as for well established companies.

Business Case

Manufacturing a good fit costs the same as a bad fit. A good fit may be a marketing hit; a bad fit a commercial disaster. If the factory cannot deliver, you may be left empty handed: no goods, no patterns and without options. When product development runs out of time, quality has to be compromised or the collection reduced.

DH helps her clients to be in control; with a quality product, intellectual property protected and a project timeline intact. As a full service provider in pre-production, DH offers the full range of support from design sourcing to technical services. We assist companies in taking control and complement the need for resources during seasonal peak loads. We professionalize development with knowledge and efficiency.

The shift in total outsourcing of patterns to far-away-factories is on its return. Despite cumbersome communication, the fit of the garments deteriorated, and the number of samples shipped back-and-forth tripled. DH can assist in design, design coaching and pattern making from the first toile to Half-Proto®. Our clients own their pattern library with the option to double-source when needed. The number of prototypes is drastically reduced. Rather than going by trial and error, our work methods will save you weeks in time, money or resources and offers business security.
DH produces Half-Proto’s® with each pattern. There is no delay in design review as the waiting time for a first factory prototype is eliminated. With a good first-fit, design engineers can now focus on managing minor changes and garment details. The base pattern remains the origin of the design. It is the best fit for all.

Contracts and pricing

DH works together with clients on the basis of a Service Provider Agreement (SPA). The SPA regulates the standard terms and conditions, confidentiality and the mutual obligations for a successful work relationship. The agreement has a minimum of 12 months. All work is undertaken on the basis of work orders. The hourly rates are determined by the anticipated workload for level I through V of the Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA). The SPA, VPA and workload planning documents can be requested by E-mail.

DH guarantees productivity and reliability; the client only pays for the results. Talk to us about your workload and DH will do the math.