Design Coaching

On-the-job coaching is an effective way to teach, learn and optimize work at hand. DH coaches designers to improve the way their work is handled downstream. Pattern makers and manufacturers benefit from the coaching upstream. The company benefits from fewer design flaws; the return is in the reduced number of corrections and thus product development time.

Design Coaching does not interfere with the design but focuses on the designer’s intentions, how to achieve them, and the way they are best communicated. The designer benefits from getting an understanding of production methods and how their drawings will be interpreted. We review shapes, proportions, fit, seams and techniques. DH can point the designer in the direction of existing base patterns; move a seam to accentuate the fit or reduce the use of fabric. Often we find information missing or can point out corrections that were hard to spot. Bottom line is, with Design Coaching there will be less costly guesswork downstream and the quality of the first pattern and prototype will improve.

Design Coaching is particularly useful to young designers and smaller companies who wish to send their design drawings directly to the manufacturers. The second opinion by the Design Coach improves the rate of success upon first trial.

Design Sourcing

-55072-3660663Companies that want to add new items to their collection but are short of resources can turn to DH for design. DH can allocate external fashion designers on a project basis. The project can be an individual garment, concept development, a collection, accessories or a range of promotional items to support branding. Depending on the scope and stage of the project, the deliverables can be sketches, mock-ups, patterns and production specifications. Ask DH about the unique “á la carte” approach.

Product Development

Technical guidance is crucial to ensure that manufacturing meets the expectation of the client. The fashion world would collapse without Design Engineers. Communication with factories would come to a grinding hold. Fit, finish and deliveries would no longer live up to the demands.

DH offers experienced Design Engineers to companies that are temporarily short of staff.

Factory Visits

DH makes manufacturing visits and pattern corrections at the factory for the purpose of prototype corrections and adherence to patterns; alterations are made without delay. Such on-site work with the manufacturers, designers and design-engineers results in speedier production readiness, improvement of quality and manufacturability, reduction of production costs, elimination of misunderstandings and test of concept.

When written communication with the manufacturer falls short or the design engineers are pressed for time, factory visits by DH can solve the problem.