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DH Services in a nutshell

  •  Technical services – measurement tables and grading of patterns for men, women and children, as well as digitizing, scanning, plotting and file conversion
  •  Product development – Technical guidance is crucial to ensure that manufacturing meets the expectation of the client.
  •  Consultancy – DH understands design, proportions, elegance, fit and function.
  •  Factory Visits – When communication with the manufacturer falls short or the design engineers are pressed for time, DH can solve the problem.
  •  Fit Sessions – Fit sessions help companies to keep their planning on track.
  •  Patterns and Prototypes – DH halves the number of prototypes from the factory; the fit is correct upon first delivery.
  •  Design Coaching – Design Coaching is useful to young designers and smaller companies to send their design drawings directly to the manufacturers.
  •  Design Sourcing – Depending on the scope and stage of the project, the deliverables can be sketches, mock-ups, patterns and production specifications.
  •  Half-Proto® – The Half-Proto shows it all without the need for physical detailing.


“Half-Proto® Technology Builds on the Best of Tailoring Practices”

"Progress without Delay"

Learn about the benefits of Half-Proto®

  • The Half-Proto eliminates the time between pattern completion and the first trial.
  • Half-Proto’s can be fitted by live models to verify the ease of movement, proportions and fit.
  • The Half-Proto can be drawn on, cut in or annotated with instructions for production, special lining requirements, or show the position of labels and inside pockets.
  • The Half-Proto eases the task of the Product Developer in tech-pack development and factory communication.
  • The Half-Proto includes a measurement chart which is printed on the Half-Proto.
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